Kid's Christmas Party 2017

A beautiful Christmas tradition here at the Lodge, this year was once again, spectacular.
Years ago it was decided that not only were our family's a part of this holiday event, but our communities 
underprivileged children and families were asked to join the celebrationand share in the joy and spirit of Christmas. 

This year our Community Party was awarded the Elks Beacon and 150th Anniversary Grants.

These grants went a long way in providing additional gifts, decorations and dinner for ninety-four children and eighty-six adults.

Never has a family left this party without a gift, a smile, and the spirit of Christmas in their hearts.

This year we were able to bring in 4 teens from our local high school to help, giving them the opportunity to 

provide community service requirements needed for graduation.

A huge thank you goes out to the Christmas Committee, volunteers, Santa and his Mrs., and of course all the Elk members that support this wonderful event. It takes a 
lot of elves and hard work to put on two parties in one day!